Join me at Voice 2014!

I’m happy to announce that once I again I will be part of the magical VOICE conference in 2014!  This year my presentation will be all about VOICING WITH HEART!

IN A WORLD… devoid of passionate SPIRIT, VOICERS long to communicate authentically and transform the solitary landscape of a digitized, computerized, encrypted world of NON conversation. Voicers dream to emotionally enervate, inspire and reawaken an audience who has stopped listening. We are champions of the WORD and must give STORY a new meaning – one that can be HEARD and change our emotionally and creatively starved world. Discover how to honestly communicate, unlock the stuck j”READ”, release the stagnant “ANNOUNCER”, find your unique vocal brand and SHARE trughful expression. Become the VOICE everyone wants to hear.

Listen… it is time for CHANGE, it is time for Courage, it is time to VOICE WITH HEART. Learn more and register here!

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