Join me at Voice 2014!

I’m happy to announce that once I again I will be part of the magical VOICE conference in 2014!  This year my presentation will be all about VOICING WITH HEART!

IN A WORLD… devoid of passionate SPIRIT, VOICERS long to communicate authentically and transform the solitary landscape of a digitized, computerized, encrypted world of NON conversation. Voicers dream to emotionally enervate, inspire and reawaken an audience who has stopped listening. We are champions of the WORD and must give STORY a new meaning – one that can be HEARD and change our emotionally and creatively starved world. Discover how to honestly communicate, unlock the stuck j”READ”, release the stagnant “ANNOUNCER”, find your unique vocal brand and SHARE trughful expression. Become the VOICE everyone wants to hear.

Listen… it is time for CHANGE, it is time for Courage, it is time to VOICE WITH HEART. Learn more and register here!

Happy Easter




May the joy of Easter fill your souls with a renewed belief in your own special magic to bring creation and life to ALL scripts! The immense strength and love you have to give, truly is a miracle! Your sweet, colourful, blooming talents are ready to be savoured by your fellow community. Spring forth!

As fears fall away, bunnies and chicks hop boldly into the sunlight, amidst the blossoming earth, teaming with new life. The child in each of us dances, screaming in search of those previous chocolate eggs. Those tiny golden nuggets! We long to discover those delicious hidden treasures to both consume and share. Crack each bright egg and unearth a world of bountiful possibilities.

The white Easter Lily symbolizes your indomitable spirits of pure, loving, creative energy that heals our world. You are the storytellers that carry the word, with wisdom, grace and hope. The prayers that we give, come from the hearts of loving creators. You are high angels capable of mighty expression and bountiful gifts. Love and hope exists in the world  because of your blessed vocal gifts.

Let your light shine, Hallelujah, colonize the earth with the life of heaven. Let your voices sing and raise the vibration of planet earth. Celebrate this time of renewal and regeneration. Let your coloured jellybeans splash forth!

Freedom, life, hope, new direction, transformation and intimacy with spirit-SPRING-Dare to believe there is an open door and no end to divine possibilities.

The truth of what Easter symbolizes, if we let it sweep over us, is stunning!

What do you sacrifice to love? To voice? To give to the world sweet chicks? Just like spring, you cannot destroy the Goodness at the centre of ALL things, it just keeps coming back to life. Spring!

You are poets, defenders of ‘the word’, colourful sweet bunnies hopping in the sunlight amidst fragrant sprouting blooms, in search of eggs!

You are Divine voicers, all powerful creators, deities in jeans and T-shirts and within you dwells eternal wisdom and sacred creative knowledge and talents. Let us love all creation, charitably by bringing firth something beautiful and creative. Speak the prayer of words, dear Voicers and glimpse the Divine. Have faith, that you are Divine, it is essential to your creative expression. Sweet chicks, hatch into the sweet sunlight rebirthing new careers amidst bunnies, symbolizing abundant new life! While the gentle white lilies remind us of purity and resurrection, you dear lambs, shine bright light for all to see and raise your voices in celebration of hope!

This holiday which is symbolized by many things, my favourite being the butterfly! May each of you spread your wings and fly beyond adversity, keeping spirit alive in studios everywhere!


Happy Easter!

Treat Yourself AND Help The Arts!

Silent Auction


Theatre Ontario is excited to launch our very first silent auction!

Visit our Silent Auction on

We’ve got Jacuzzi room hotel passes.  We’ve got theatre tickets.  We’ve got packages to pamper you, entertain you, educate you, and more!  Hop on your phone and bid online!

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You’ll be staging our future and getting some really great stuff!

Join us at 7pm on Monday, May 5th for complimentary drinks, snacks, and laughs!

Read more about our Annual General Meeting and Celebration

Thank You!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for the gracious gifts of love, joy, and appreciation that I received on my  birthday!  I literally received HUNDREDS of messages from students, talents, directors, actors, playwrights, and people from all walks of life all over the globe who I have worked with in one way or another.

The day was amazing and there was so much celebration that it has actually carried over into this week and I was overwhelmed on numerous occasions with tears of joy by the boundlessness of the caring and giving by those around me.

I love living my dream and want to thank you all for being a part of it!


Blowing Out My Candles

Swimming with Sharks