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With over 30 years experience in voiceovers, television, film and theatre, Elley-Ray is one of Toronto’s top VO professionals and coaches, specializing in Animation, Commercial Announcer and Multi-Voice. Elley’s exposure and influence reaches far beyond the Toronto market, she has students across North America, Europe and Asia.
Elley-Ray has voiced literally thousands of T.V and Radio commercials and has appeared on countless animation series and animation feature films. Some of her credits include: Sidekick, My Big, Big Friend, Spider Ryder, Franklin, Babar, Busy Town, Yam Roll, Bernstein Bears, Robo Roach, Get Ed, Bakugan, The Cat In The Hat, Carl Squared and Rocket Monkeys just to name a small few from her resume.
Amongst being a well rounded and talented actor she is also a Writer and Voice Director, completing 3 animation feature films; One released in 2011. ( Z-Baw), One currently in production (Alley Of Dreams At Liberty) and another (Papagorgio The Great) currently in preproduction, with Imagination Films and Imicine Films.
Elley-Ray was also signed on as Voice Director for Z-Baw and Alley Of Dreams as well as the animation series MP 4-0RCE out of Berlin, Germany.
In 2012 she was a VIP presenter at VOICE 2012 and presented to a packed house at Disney Land in Anaheim California teaching lessons in Advanced Vocal Placement and the Animation Playground.
Elley-Ray is the ‘go to’ person for acting, voicing, directing, writing, curating, producing and teaching. She’s currently working with universities in Canada and North America to institute voice over into the curriculum to prepare students for one of the fastest growing performing arts today.

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